Avia women’s products seem to be very promising. This is one such pair. It is called Avia Women’s I-Burn.
avia i-burn
If you find it hard to stick to your well planned health schedule, fear not, Avia I burn is here to rescue you!

Avia women’s brings in new technologies which are combined together to give you the best possible results. Avia bring you a lightweight and absolutely trendy looking shoe called the Avia Women’s I-Burn. The synthetic air mesh upper adds up as a scoring point to the light weight quality of these sexy shoes.
avia i-burn 1
Avia takes very special care in the details added to each shoe. For the I- burn, a special technology called the arch rocker has been used. This technology helps promote a very natural and smooth walking movement. The Avia Leaf Spring Arch rocker technology will promote muscle activities in your body. This increase in the muscle activity will gradually lead to the toning of your muscles and a sexier appearance of your body. This Arch Rocker starts activity in your foot from heel to toe and significantly amplifies the rocking motion. These shoes come with a rubber out sole which provides you with very good traction and great durability.
avia i-burn 2
The I- Burn uses a Negative heel counter to increase the muscle activity even further. The pod used in the forefoot is of a low density. This low density pod makes your muscles engage more and lead to more activity. These shoes make great for an all day long wear. In fact, your feet will not wear out even if you wear them all day. But, as a word of caution, if you are not used to a double rocker sole, you might take some time in getting used to it. When the whole world will see the appeal of the shoes, you would sure be proud. The legs that you will have at the end of this workout would be one to be applauded for.
These shoes look so great and give you such a comfortable and when you see the result of all the technology used in this shoe, you would be shocked. They make great for your daily activities and can be worn anywhere. You comfort is taken care of in these rocking darlings. The fully lace upfront style allows the shoes to fit just perfectly beneath its breathable upper.
avia i-burn 3
This pair is available in a white/ chrome silver and can be purchased at a great price by clicking here.